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Allianz’s New Product Increases Fleet Safety

  • 24th July 2015
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Allianz have recently paired up with FMG, the fleet incident management provider, in order to help drivers of fleets improve the safety and efficiency of their cars. By accessing FMG’s telematics software service, Allianz’s policy holders are able to easily recognise, control, and reduce risks.

How Does it Work?

The telematics device downloads information to a dashboard so the user can view the key driving data collected whilst on a journey. This data is translated both to the dashboard and to other devices so both drivers and managers can assess the safety and fleet performance.

The program also allows for a comparison between users by creating a league table to underscore high risk driving by fleet users. Not only does this act as a motivational piece of equipment to encourage drivers to stay safe, but also allows management to monitor the uses of their fleet.

What Does it Do?

This program doesn’t only allow drivers and managers to keep track of the uses of their fleet – there are some key safety features available that can alert both drivers and those monitoring vehicles of accidents, faults, and incidents. The following features are also accessible through this program:

– Live vehicle locations

– Route planning systems

– Mileage calculations

–  Notifications of incidents and analysis

– CO2 data

– Miles per gallon

– Online training modules for drivers

– Fault alerts

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