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How to Find The Best Fleet Insurance For Small Businesses

  • 21st May 2015
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It can often seem that preferential treatment is given to bigger brands but there are some great insurance deals to be found for smaller and independent fleet owners. If your company has responsibility for at least ten vehicles, insurance companies will consider you a fleet owner and by signing up as a one could be considerably beneficial to helping you obtain effective insurance for a competitive price.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Once your company is legally recognised as owning a fleet it is important to obtain the correct insurance. At the very least you need to invest in third party insurance which covers you and your employees in the event that:

  • You are involved in an accident
  • If an accident damages property or vehicles
  • If an accident results in an injury to another person or animal

Motor vehicle insurance is a legal requirement for any car owner in the UK and this includes small business fleet owners.

Invest in Commercial Auto Insurance

Unlike motor vehicle insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance is not a legal requirement, but is worth investing in to protect your fleet. In addition to protecting your staff members, it also covers:

  • Goods carried by your commercial vehicles
  • Damage, theft and accident claims against your workers and yourself

Usage Based Insurance

Another type of insurance to consider is usage based insurance for fleets. The cost of this insurance depends on how well your employees drive. Using a black box system, the following statistics are logged:

  • Speed and acceleration
  • Time it takes for the vehicle to come to a stop
  • Mileage
  • Area the vehicle is driven
  • Times and dates the vehicle is driven.

This could be the best option when it comes to investing in insurance for small business fleets as your insurance fairly represents your company’s driving.

Fleet Insurance

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